The Nikki Chronicles
When me and my best friend thought our 20’s would be filled with fabulous careers and great boyfriends




Going out at night






hahah. True story.

When my friends who all live in the same city post pictures of their night out




Commuting Troubles

My facebook status yesterday: Train delays, signal problems, electrical problems, and now mechanical problems. I don’t even take the Stamford line which has barely been running! Stuck while other trains pass. MetroNorth is really struggling.

The last two days my train was late going into work. Yesterday there were mechanical issues and the train was stuck on the tracks for over 40 minutes…just sitting there as everyone watched the other trains pass. The day before there were signal problems (but at least I made it into work on time). I know CT commuters have been struggling with reduced train service and heavy delays but it just seems like all of MetroNorth is falling apart. Yesterday even coming home from work was a madhouse with everyone’s train being delayed.

Next week better be a better commute.

Sickness Sucks…but

Because I have been sick all week, I have not worn makeup or contacts all week and that has been great. Except my nose is so red. #sickpeoplesproblems 

…tennis addict problems

Is it pathetic that I am a bit sad that Novak Djokovic is engaged? Also, the correct answer to this question is yes. But I just love him so much! 

Sick days? What sick days?

I am sick and I just started my job. The sad part is I don’t have sick days but I have accrued days off which count as sick/vacation days. I haven’t earned any yet and so off to work I go. 

When pumpkin spice lattes are back in season



This is how I feel about fall! :) Bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 

What does the fox say? So I met some HS friends for dinner last night and they mentioned this video which I check it. It is hilarious and thus, I had to share! 

Tickets and Rain

So yesterday I went to the US Open for the 2nd day in a row (please see previous post for context). Well, I forgot my ticket. I had to get off the train and wait for my aunt to drop it off. Luckily, I was only a few train stops away. However, I was going to be late meeting my friends. Well, I made it in time for the rain delay. It POURED—Arthur Ashe was flooding and the rain coming down the stairs looked like mini waterfalls. 4.5 hour rain delay…plus? I got to see Federer, but he lost. Overall, a very interesting day at the Open!